Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pray; Don't Say

Very wise words from Pr. Wilken here.  He is exactly right and we need to keep his reminder in mind as things play out this afternoon and the rest of the week in Houston.

Some other wise words shared by another dear brother pastor:
As important as earthly rulers are, also within the Church on earth, our hope and trust remain in Christ alone.  I am praying for a new president of the LCMS, one who will be a pastor first and foremost, rather than principally a politician.  But neither will a good president save the Lord's Church, nor will a bad president destroy the Lord's Church.  The question is, whether the Missouri Synod will remain within the Lord's Church or go the way of all flesh.  In any case, the great Good Shepherd will care for His sheep and His undershepherds.

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