Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Ignorance of Atheists on Display

I wonder if atheists realize how ridiculously absurd and extremely ignorant they come off when they produce fun, little videos like the one below (a link to which was sent to me via email a bit ago by some anonymous person who either thinks he/she can shake my faith or gets his/her thrills by sending such things to pastors).  I mean, come on.  Do a little research.  Consult a commentary or two.  Interview an orthodox pastor or three.  At least try to understand what the Bible actually reveals.  Don't just take a few passages out of the Bible from here and there - passages about which you have absolutely zero clue - and make your case against Christianity.  It makes you sound woefully ignorant.  Oh, and by the way, I know how silly you think we Christians are for believing in God, but rather than spew that forth in your ignorant fashion, perhaps you should spend a little time considering the fantastic silliness of your own beliefs - you know, that all this stuff just somehow exploded into existence and that our planet just happened to find itself the perfect distance from the sun and that somehow, someway life formed (have you folks ever taken a look at what's going on inside a single cell, with its complex machinery, complete with gears which mesh just so - just sayin') and so forth.  We do not even possess the math possible to calculate the odds of many of the fantastically silly things you atheists remarkably take as fact, but must, at the end of the day, accept by faith.  But, whatever.  Keep on keepin' on.  We Christians will happily remain "fools" in your eyes.  That Jesus guy you know so very little about told us long ago that we would be mocked and ridiculed for trusting in Him.  So be it.

Now, where's my "Lord of the Rings" collection - time to read through that excellent series again . . . I just hope I don't get it too confused with Holy Scripture! :)   

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