Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Hymn Worth Singing Today

The following was crafted by Pr. John Frahm.  I think it's great, and I offer it here as a substitute resolution hymn to sing in place of the next jazzed-up, praise band-led, hymn to be offered at the convention:

Preserve our synod from the smoke
that blinds our eyes from Christ our hope
Grant us what we need, Lord most dear;
Deliver us from evil here.

Grant faithfulness to us today
That we confess what Thou dost say
Give repentance to our sins
O Holy Spirit enter in.

Take up your cross, O churchman now!
Confess the truth, with hand to plow!
With eyes fixed on Christ crucified
Upon God’s Word we have relied.

The gates of hell shall not prevail
Though popes and councils surely fail;
Where Word and Sacrament remain
There Christ’s clear promise still obtains

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