Friday, September 10, 2010

Trixie's Kitchen

I returned to work on August 29, but continued to work my "2nd job" finishing up Trixie's kitchen.  Getting caught up on my pastoral duties and making sure that everything was set before I left for my trip to St. Louis, while also working every day over at Trixie's place (a.k.a. "The Job"), has left no time for blogging, which is why there hasn't been much posted here lately.  My dad and I employed the services of our good friend, Donnie, last week to help us, and he was a real godsend, let me tell you.  My dad and I would probably still be working on the floor had he not come up and assisted us.  Below are some pics of the progress we've made on the kitchen.  As of today, all the new lighting is in place and working and the only thing left to do for us is some trim work (which my dad will probably get done by the time I return to Alma) and painting the ceiling (which my dad could get done before I return to Alma, but will undoubtedly leave that job to me :).  Here are some pics:

  The opening in the oven cabinet was not large enough for the new oven-microwave combo, so Donnie had to do some fabricating to make things work

A perfect fit!

Mixing thinset mortar for the tile (lots and lots of this went on for a few days!)

This is where I worked during the laying of the floor - I cut and dad and Donnie laid the tile

Grouting the floor (this was LOTS of fun! :)

New fridge and dishwasher, along with a new cable hookup

This is where things stood when I left - my dad finished the lighting yesterday (we took down two large fluorescent light fixtures and have installed several new can lights)


sag said...

It looks great and I like it a lot!
Could use some counters and a sink-if you two were in charge it would be done!

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...

So glad you like it - can't wait for the counters to finish off what is going to be a beautiful kitchen!