Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back Home . . . Back to Work!

Lisa and I returned home last night from our wonderful trip to St. Louis.  It's good to be home, but we did thoroughly enjoy our little getaway.  Now, it's back to work, and I'm looking forward to digging in and getting back into a routine.  Funny how a little time away can be so invigorating.  I haven't had this much energy and enthusiasm in a while, and I'm eager to put it to use. 

Before making the trek back home, Lisa and I were privileged to visit the LPR (Lutheran Public Radio) studio, where Issues, Etc. is produced and aired.  Thank God for my iphone!  We made it to the office buildings, but had no clue in which office they were located.  But, a little googling on my iphone revealed that they were in #230 and, after knocking on the door, Craig opened the door and greeted us.  And as we walked in, Todd and Jeff stopped what they were doing to come and greet us as well.  Then, Craig took the time to explain how the magic happens, showing us all the equipment and explaining how it all works to make and record the shows.  Very, very interesting, and Craig does a fabulous job not only of explaining everything to guests, but of making them feel like family.  During Craig's explanation of things, both Todd and Jeff popped in to chat as well.  They were all very gracious hosts and Lisa and I both enjoyed the opportunity to visit with them for a bit.  And, as a bonus, they presented each of us with an LPR Bundle Pack (an "I Have Issues . . ." t-shirt, IE travel mug, IE pen, and an IE bumper sticker) and were gracious enough to give me a few extra bumper stickers to share with members of our congregation (yeah, Trixie, I got your bumper sticker for you!).  It was a wonderful visit and I'm so thankful that they would take a little time out of their busy schedules to host us.  As we left, Lisa said to me, "That was so much fun.  Those guys were simply awesome!"  Yeah, I like them, too.  And I don't even hold anything against Craig, who, unfortunately, roots for the wrong NHL team (sorry, Craig - GO WINGS! :).

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