Thursday, September 16, 2010

Together in the Word . . .

again!  Finally!  After a lengthy hiatus, our Thursday morning Together in the Word Bible Study resumed this morning.  What a joy to be back in the Word with the faithful children of God who are able to attend this weekly Bible Study.  We had a good turnout this morning and lots of excellent discussion as we began our study of Joshua.  And, I'm proud to report that we made it through TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS this morning!  Now, THAT'S progress for us.  It was also great to dust off LSB Responsive Prayer 1 and pray it together again (I missed that!).  And then, a few of us were off to the local Mexican restaurant for lunch - a tradition we've had for the last few years - which rounded off the glorious morning.  So great to be back at it - already looking forward to next week!


Logan said...


I see Lisa is wearing the 'colors' probably getting ready for the big game against those Fightin' Irish Saturday.

Go Green!

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...


Exactly right, my friend! We are in "Green Mode" this week; I'm sitting here right now in my favorite MSU pajama pants, an MSU T-shirt, and, because it's so darn cold in this house and I refuse to turn the heat on yet, one of my very favorite MSU sweatshirts.

Go Green!

Prediction: MSU 34 ND 24

You heard it here first. :)