Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eucharistic Holy Hour?

Received the above flyer today.  It's from the Roman Catholic parish in town.  What happened to the good ole' days when Eucharistic Adoration (I assume that is what is meant by "Eucharistic Holy Hour," with the pic of the Monstrance and all) was adorned with Scripture readings, hymn-singing, prayers, and lots of time for silent meditation?  A Praise and Worship leader performing CCM and Eucharistic Adoration go together like Wolverines and Spartans, if you get my drift.  I mean, does this really go with Eucharistic Adoration?

I was really hoping that getting a new parish priest would bring some changes to St. Mary, Alma, but it looks like the new priest is going to build upon the "contemporary" foundation established by his predecessor(s).  That saddens me.  I'll never forget the one and only time I attended a Mass there.  It was a Quinceanera Mass and my wife and I attended because it was the Quinceanera of our daughter's friend, and our daughter was participating.  What I witnessed was simply unbelievable.  The liturgy was sung in some weird, almost reggae-like fashion, the homily was delivered as the priest walked around the nave and chatted with the crowd and cracked jokes the whole time, and open communion was unashamedly practiced (everyone was welcomed and encouraged to commune, the priest even announcing that it didn't matter where people went to church, and I watched several people who belong to other denominations partake).  To top it off, they had the little girl who was the Quinceanera distribute the host during Communion.  I guess they thought that might be special for her.  It was one of the worst experiences I think I've ever had in Church - downright painful to watch unfold.

The only solace in this is the knowledge that Lutherans ain't the only ones being infiltrated with all this "contemporary worship" stuff.  Rome has her problems, too.  But, then again, that's hardly comforting.  It's just sad.

Kyrie Eleison!   

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