Saturday, September 18, 2010

Table Talk Around the Campfire

After taking the summer off, we resumed our monthly Table Talk this evening, which is a time to gather together in an informal and relaxed atmosphere and shoot the breeze on whatever topics are brought up by those in attendance.  Tonight, we gathered around the campfire at our place.  In addition to catching up with one another and just chatting about this, that, or the other thing, we did address several theological issues:  1) Is Holy Baptism necessary for salvation? 2) Private Confession and Absolution, 3) Eucharistic adoration (distinguishing between Lutherans and Rome), 4) The new emphasis for our synod introduced by President Harrison and his administration, 5) The importance of regular attendance of the Divine Service (and how those who claim to believe but don't think they need to go to church are skating on thin ice), and so forth.  Plus, we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, made s'mores, ate licorice, shot baskets, and enjoyed a few "Lutheran beverages."  And, as a shocking bonus, Meggers, Chris, and Abby showed up later in the evening (Lisa:  "This is Abby's first campfire!  Yaaaaaaaay!" - said in her giddy, giggly, goofy, and shouty kinda way :).  A fun and relaxing evening!

I took a bunch of pics with my iphone, but only a few turned out (iphones and darkness - not so much!):

And then, Darren pulled out his phone and took this pic of Abby - what a difference a little flash makes!

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