Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would Someone Please . . .

get this woman some Chicken McNuggets! 

Just saw this story on the local news at Noon here.  Evidently, it was breakfast time and the woman wanted Chicken McNuggets.  When told that they weren't serving those at that time, she demanded that they get some out and make them for her.  When the employees refused to do so, the woman went berserk, as you'll see in the video.  Thankfully, no one was hurt by her tirade.  This took place in Ohio back in December (thus, the Christmas decorations on the drive-thru windows).  I think it's just now making the news (if you want to call this "news") because they have identified the woman and will be prosecuting her. 

The irony here is that she went berserk over Chicken McNuggets not being served during breakfast time.  There are so many items on the breakfast menu at McDonald's that are so much better than Chicken McNuggets.  Breakfast is the only reason anyone should ever visit McDonald's in the first place.  Now, if they had told her that they were out of sausage and egg McGriddles, this would all make a little more sense . . . :)

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