Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Lutheran Seminary in Russia

This is a remarkable story; even rather miraculous, as Father Hollywood points out.  Having been blessed to study at the feet of many of the profs interviewed in this short, informational film, I got to hear a lot about this remarkable, and still unfolding, story in the classroom.  It was very interesting, and inspiring, to hear from those who were involved in this very real mission endeavor.  They faced many challenges and difficulties, not to mention many real dangers, along the way, but continued to march on toward the goal of establishing a seminary in Russia where our Lutheran brothers could be trained and formed for the pastoral ministry.

Our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Russia continue to need our support.  You can click on the pic on the sidebar to learn more about The Siberian Lutheran Mission Society, which our congregation will continue to support as best we can.

Here are the videos.  As Father Hollywood said, "Watch and be amazed!"

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