Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily Divine Service Book

I received my pre-publication copy of Daily Divine Service Book:  A Lutheran Missal today and have spent the last couple hours looking through this gem.  Wow, what a remarkable resource this will prove to be!  It contains all the Propers for both the temporal and sanctoral cylces, as well as Common Propers for various groupings of saints, and Propers for Votive Divine Services for the days of the week and for various occasions.  And, as if that wasn't enough, it has the Ordinary of the Divine Service, and two very helpful and convenient appendices (one consisting of selected prayers for the Celebrant, the other consisting of the texts for all the hymns of the day for the entire temporal cycle).  Simply fabulous! 

Special thanks to Pr. Heath Curtis for overseeing the monumental task of putting this together and for allowing me to get my hands on it early to do a little "field testing" before it is released in October.  I look forward to putting it to use.  I can already say, though, even before putting it to use, that it will be an invaluable resource for me.  Just having all the Propers for just about every occasion in one book is awesome.  A while back, I began the experiment of holding Divine Services for the Commemorations in LSB, in addition to the Feasts and Festivals, but soon gave that up.  We still have Divine Service for every Feast and Festival, but the Commemorations were just too much work, as I had to search for Propers, and often came up empty, which meant that I had to put some things together myself.  Not liking that concept at all, I ended the experiment.  But, now that these are all readily available in DDSB (as well as Propers for a whole host of other Saints' Days not included in LSB), I may resurrect that experiment in the near future.  We'll see. :) 


Paul said...

Where can we order this gem?

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...


It's not available for order yet, so the details on how to order are not yet available. But, you can read about this here.