Friday, January 14, 2011

What Was Jeff Thinking?

So, I got home from Samantha's basketball game tonight (they lost to a great Freeland team, 64-43, but kept it close until the last few minutes - they were only down by 9 with 3:00 left - Freeland has a girl who could probably start on most Varsity boys' teams; she was lots of fun to watch) and listened to a few of the segments which aired on Issues, Etc. today, including the Blog of the Week segment.  And, what do I hear?  Jeff Schwarz singing some praise song about Jesus being a cool dude to the tune of Queen's "We Will Rock You"!  What in the world was he thinking?  Pr. Wilken was right when he said, "Jeff, don't ever do that again." :)

You can go here to click on, and listen to, the Blog of the Week segment, and here to see the blog posting which prompted Jeff to his moment of insanity, but I just have to include the video and lyrics below, as well.  This may very well be the worst praise song ever:

Jesus is a cool dude,
40 days with no food,
He died on the cross but that's O.K.
He's got love on his face,
Full of grace!
He's kickin' that devil all over the place!
Singin', We will, we will
Praise him WOO, praise him WOO (2x)
Say it with me:  Jesus wept!  


Dennis Peskey said...

I admit to a certain degree of pain which swept over me as I was listening to Friday's Issues.Etc broadcast. Jeff was much more "in tune" singing the Missouri Fight Song than some lame "praise" ditty.

Jon Bakker said...

Poor God.

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...


We should give Jeff his props, for that boy definitely has some pipes on him. My wife and I sat by him when attending St. Paul, Hamel for Divine Service back in September, and we were both in awe listening to him sing the hymns so beautifully. He even sounded good singing this "praise" ditty (much, much better than the kid in the video, for sure), and definitely when he sang the Missouri Fight Song some time back. So, in question is not his singing ability at all, but his decision to soil the airwaves with this rendition of "Jesus is a cool dude . . ." :)

Unknown said...

They use that as a meal prayer at Lutheran Island Camp in MN North. Lord, Have Mercy.

-Crysten Sanchez

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...


Oh my! Lord, have mercy, indeed!

Matt said...

Fr. Messer,

The impression that I took away from my visit to St. Paul Hamel is that the entire congregation sings loudly and beautifully.

And Mrs. Weedon, above all, has wonderful musical gifts.