Monday, January 31, 2011

Congrats, Fr. Petersen!

Yesterday, Fr. David Petersen celebrated the 15th anniversary of his ordination and 10th anniversary as pastor at Redeemer Lutheran in Ft. Wayne.  Over at his blog, Fr. Weedon stated:  "Pr. Petersen has been and continues to be a huge blessing to so many people - may the Lord of the Church continue to have much joyous use of him in the years to come!"  I echo his sentiment and his prayer.  Fr. Petersen is a gift to Christ's Church, to those he serves as pastor, and to his brothers in the Office.  He is an outstanding preacher.  I think I've learned more about preaching from reading, and listening to, his sermons than I ever did at seminary; that's not a knock against my profs at all, just a testimony to how much more I've learned about preaching from Fr. Petersen's preaching (and the preaching of others - Frs. Beane and Weedon come to mind).  He is an excellent theologian and serious Lutheran, who doesn't take himself too seriously and is as down to earth as they come.  He is a wonderful counselor, who is willing to spend time listening to brothers (like me) and sharing his thoughts and advice with them, which is always anchored to Christ and His Cross, but practical and honest at the same time.  And, he is one who, while possessing all of these gifts, would confess, "I am the chief of sinners."  Yeah, I kinda like him. :)

Some pics of the occasion (for commentary on what you see in these pics, you can read the thoughts of Fr. Curtis and Fr. Beane):

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