Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Most Memorable Moment of 2010

There were lots of memorable moments for me in 2010. My nephew, Max, was born, which is a tremendous blessing from our Lord and nothing less than a miracle. My daughter, Sarah, graduated with honors from Alma High School. My Spartans went 11-1 and won a Big Ten Championship (we won't talk about the Bowl Game against Alabama - that was just plain ugly!). We had three births within our congregation: Kylie, Mabel, and Abigail. The congregation I serve threw me a wonderful and surprising 5-Year Anniversary Party. My best friend and "brother from another mother," Al, was called home by our Lord. And I'm sure if I thought long enough about it, I could mention a great many other things.

But, of all the memorable moments in 2010, the most memorable for me would have to be what happened on the afternoon of July 13. Lisa and I were sitting in front of our computers, as were a great many others around our country and around the world, waiting eagerly for the election of the LCMS President to take place. And when the screen with the results popped up, showing that Rev. Matthew Harrison had won, the feeling was overwhelming - a mixture of surprise, joy, elation, and relief all bundled together. Instant tears. And listening to our new President-elect's beautiful and humble address was something I shall never forget.

This doesn't mean that I would rank the election of President Harrison higher in importance than the things I mentioned above, or any number of other things that happened in my life in the year now gone. It just means that it was one of those rare "Do you remember where you were when . . .?" occasions; one of those very surreal moments that we experience from time to time in this vale of tears.

And for those who would accuse me, and others, of placing too much importance on this, or of elevating President Harrison to some Savior-like pedestal, you might very well have a point. But, it doesn't change the way I (we) felt that day. And, having now lived for a quarter under the leadership of President Harrison and his team, I couldn't be more pleased, and I look forward to what that leadership will mean for our beloved synod in the future.

Anyway, a little trip down memory lane:

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Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...

I can't believe I didn't mention it, but making the trip with Lisa to St. Louis to attend the Installation Service of President Harrison and other Officers ranks up there, too. Not only were we blessed to attend that Service, but during that trip, we got to attend Divine Service at St. Paul, Hamel, where Pr. Weedon serves, chat with Issues, Etc. Producer, Jeff Schwarz, a member there, hang out and chat over lunch with Pr. Weedon, Cindi, and the venerable Mollie Hemingway at the Weedon homestead, and visit the Issues, Etc. "bunker" and chat with Pr. Wilken, Jeff, and Craig, on our way back home.

All pretty darned memorable!