Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday with Fisk

Five things about this Friday's most excellent video:
  1. An appetizing preview of Symposia week in Fort Wayne (so wish I was able to go; maybe I'll at least head down for the day on Monday for the Free Conference at Redeemer, where Fr. Petersen serves)
  2. Great commentary on the excellent mission work being done by Pr. James May and Lutherans in Africa, as opposed to what is being done officially by LCMS World Mission (I share Pr. Fisk's laments about what is being reported in "Harvest News")
  3. An excellent summation of the distinction between heaven (where the spirits of believers go upon death) and the eternal kingdom (new heavens and new earth) to come when Christ returns in glory on the Last Day (when we will be resurrected to dwell bodily in that kingdom forever) - a distinction that needs to be emphasized again and again - heaven is NOT our final destination, as many wrongly believe
  4. Love the "Praise the Lord and Send Me the Money" song, which describes much of what passes itself off as Christianity here in America, but is NOT true Christianity
  5. Pr. Fisk's funky hair is back (he was doing so well in that area lately, too!)

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