Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Just In . . . Harrison Nearly Doubles-Up Kieschnick!

The official notice of nominations for the LCMS Praesidium has been released.  For the Office of President, Rev. Matt Harrison received the most nominations by far, nearly twice as many as incumbent Rev. Gerald Kieschnick.  Not only does Rev. Harrison have a chance this summer, but these numbers seem to indicate that he's the front-runner, and that is GREAT NEWS for the cause of confessional Lutheranism in the LCMS!  Here's how the numbers pan out:

Rev. Matthew Harrison - 1,332
Rev. Gerald Kieschnick - 755
Rev. Herbert Mueller, Jr. - 503
Rev. Carl Fickenscher II - 5
Rev. Daniel Gard - 3

For First Vice President, the numbers are equally exciting for confessional Lutherans, as the two nominees receiving the most nominations total 1,537 (Rev. Herbert Mueller, Jr. - 809; Rev. Matthew Harrison - 728), with the incumbent Rev. William Diekelman garnering only 244 nominations. 

WOW!  The hope of this confessional Lutheran for our synod is renewed.  I pray that these numbers hold up this summer.  While these numbers make no assurance that things will pan out accordingly this summer, the indication here seems to be that the majority in our synod desire a change of leadership.  I hope that bears itself out at the Convention.  It is time, Missouri!  IT IS TIME!   

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Dennis Peskey said...

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Rom 12:12