Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Helpful Illustration

A brother, Pr. Matthew Uttenreither, posted links to the following videos on another forum with the introductory note, Here are two youtube videos that shows the divide that exists [within the LCMS].  I've posted the video from LakePointe on this blog before, but the contrast really becomes clear when posted next to the video from Grace Lutheran in Tulsa.  Notice the stark differences at work here.  Listen to the pastors.  Where is their focus?  What is the congregation they serve all about?  Listen to those interviewed as well.  Where is their focus?  What is the congregation they attend all about?  And then, after watching these, ask yourself:  How can these two congregations exists side by side in the same synod?  And then, after asking yourself that question, ask yourself this one:  Why is it that the congregation that doesn't identify itself as Lutheran in its name (let alone in its doctrine and practice) is the one that has been put before our synod by President Kieschnick and others as "a perfect example" to follow?

LakePointe Family Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Grace Lutheran Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma


sag said...

Me, me, me, and my rock concert OR
Word and Sacrament regularly. Such a hard decision--NOT

David said...

After watching the video on Lake Pointe, I noticed it is steeped in The Law, is charismatic (immersion baptism) and works righteous oriented. Note the praise band, the setting and the "pastor". Lake Pointe is NOT the church for me. I'll never be good enough to get in!