Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The "Worship Wars" Are Over!

Pop that cork on the champagne!  Get out the streamers!  Take the message to the streets!  O Happy Day, the "Worship Wars" are over!

Don't believe me, click here to read the recently released "Jesus First" article written by David Luecke.  He contends that the unanimous adoption by the LCMS Council of Presidents (COP) of their "Theses on Worship" is proof that the "Worship Wars" are over.  I guess what he's trying to say is that since the COP has put out a few theses, the whole synod must now magically be in agreement on worship.

What Luecke really means to suggest is that the "Jesus First" side of our synod has been victorious in their endeavor to legitimize methabapticostal forms and styles of worship in our synod, and that anyone who would fight against this is engaging in an exercise of futility.  "The 'Worship Wars' are over, and WE WON," is what Luecke is really saying.

This reminds me of the first Iraq war in the early 90s, when Saddam Hussein would go on the radio and declare to his nation, and to the world, that his armies were severely defeating the infidels from America, even while thousands of his troops were laying down their weapons and surrendering daily.  

So, maybe we should keep the champagne on ice and put the streamers away for the time being.  The "Worship Wars" are far from over.  As long as there is a contingent in our synod that believes that we Lutherans can "worship" like methabapticostals and somehow retain our Lutheran identity, the fight will rage on.  Who, exactly, has waived the white flag of surrender, anyway?  If anything, this declaration of victory by "Jesus First" will only serve to rally the troops on the other side and cause an escalation in the ongoing "War."

But, let them dream their dreams . . .  


Jon Bakker said...

Wow, that article you linked makes it look like the guy is shaking in his boots. Every statement has him begging for yea-sayers.

When you look at Scripture and the Confessions and ask, 'What's the bare minimum I have to do and believe to be Christian/Lutheran' - you've already turned the Gospel into a law. It's tragic that such a hermeneutic is actually championed by Lutherans.

Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...

Amen, brother Jon!