Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caroling for Shut-ins

Yesterday, a group of us from Peace spent the afternoon and early evening traveling to and fro, visiting our shut-in and homebound members and greeting them with the singing of Christmas Carols.  This is one of the toughest times of the year for those members who are unable to make it to the Lord's House, and it is nice to be able to bring the Church to them and let them know that they are not forgotten, but are loved by us, and that they remain every bit a part of our church family as they were when they were able to attend regularly.  The joy on their faces as we entered their rooms/homes to bring them Christmas cheer was evident to all, but I wonder if they realize what joy it brought to us as well - we were blessed as much by them as they were by us!

Last year was the first time we did this and there were four of us who participated.  This year, we more than doubled, as we had ten participants - hey, look, Church Growth at work! :) 

While in the nursing homes, several nurses and patients/residents would gather around to listen in as we sang.  During one visit, our sister, Connie, was at dinner, so we brought our caroling into the dining room.  One of the gentleman in the room came over to stand and sing with us, and another lady asked for a program so that she could sing along as well.  It was a special moment - you just had to be there. :)

We set out just after 3:00 p.m. and finished after 8:30 p.m., so it was a long afternoon/evening, but I can't think of a more blessed way to spend 5 1/2 hours.  Thanks to all who participated!    

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IggyAntiochus said...

hey, look, Church Growth at work! :)

Sounds like your congregation is ABLAZE! :)