Saturday, December 19, 2009

Peace Movie Night

Last night, several of us gathered together at our church to watch "The Nativity Story."  This was our first Movie Night since installing a new projector, new big screen, new dvd player, and new sound system.  What a treat this was!  HUGE THANKS to those whose generous donations allowed us to purchase these blessings, and to Larry for all the hard work he did in installing everything.  The new system works wonderfully and provides a theater-like movie-viewing experience.

As for the movie, this was the third or fourth time I've seen it, but there is always something new that strikes me as I watch it.  Last night, what hit me was the scene when the three magi from the East arrive at the manger (yeah, I know, they didn't get there the night Christ was born, and the Bible doesn't mention the number of magi, but, it's a movie, so we'll just have to live with a little dramatic license).  Throughout the movie, these three characters provide the comic relief, always making witty comments back and forth to one another, but, when they arrive at the manger, all joking around is put aside.  They are awe-stricken and reverent while in the presence of their newborn King, bowing before, and presenting their offerings to, Him.  So it is with us in the Divine Service - or, at least, it should be.  We can joke around with one another and have a good time outside the Divine Service, but when we're in the presence of our Lord, all tomfoolery should cease, and reverence and awe should be in order.  Anyway, I just thought it was kind of neat how the makers of this movie depicted this scene, showing the contrast between how these characters behaved throughout the movie and how they behaved in the presence of their Lord and King.  We'd do well to ponder that always!

I was very pleased that so many who joined us last night were viewing the movie for the first time.  That led to some interesting discussion time afterward.  Everyone liked the movie - it got a thumbs up from the group.  I agree.  I think it's a good film - directed very well, and well acted.  There are some things that are surely inaccurate, and lots of dramatic license taken throughout to fill in the story, but, all in all, the movie does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of both the time and place of our Lord's entrance into our world via Flesh and Blood.  I just wish that they would have done a better job with the scene when the angel announces to the shepherds that Christ is born.  You're just waiting for the heavenly host to break into the Gloria and they don't.  Was bummed about that the first time I watched, and still am.  Oh, and I wish they would have found an older character to play Joseph, but that's for a different discussion. :)  

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