Saturday, October 17, 2009

It finally arrived!

My daughter, Sarah, has been anxiously checking the mail every day for the past week, hoping to receive a response from Michigan State University concerning her application.  The big envelope finally arrived today.  The fact that the envelope was big was good news, and Sarah was already cheering at the sight (if they decline your application, they send a little envelope, I guess).  Her cheering was not in vain, as the first words of the letter within that big envelope were, "Congratulations, and welcome."

I'm so proud of Sarah.  She has worked very hard to maintain a near perfect GPA (3.975), even while taking the most difficult curriculum her high school has to offer (this semester, her schedule includes AP Calculus, AP Government, and Physics).  And, she has been involved in many extra-curricular activities as well (she's earned 4 Varsity letters in sports thus far, and has been involved in Student Government since her Freshman year).  Her goal, as of now, is to become a teacher, and I think she would serve wonderfully in that vocation.  She's been accepted to every school to which she has applied so far, and has a bright future ahead of her.  I don't know if she'll go to State.  That will depend, in large part, on finances and scholarships.  But, it's a thrill to know that she has been accepted and has the option.   

So, congrats Sarah!  Your dad is very proud of you.  Stay focused and finish strong - seven more months, kiddo!  I know you will.


sag said...

Yeah, Sarah! When you go away I will miss you. And, by the way, who is going to clean for me?

meggers said...

Why doesn't Sarah go to a good school, like Central? :)

We did beat State you know...