Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My plans for tonight . . .

include a nice, long, soaking in this:

I'm currently staying at the AmericInn in Kewanee, IL.  I headed down here after the luncheon this past Sunday for a liturgical conference held at St. Paul's Lutheran here in town (more on the conference later). 

I arrived in Kewanee around 8:30 p.m. Sunday evening.  I checked into the hotel, lugged my things up to the room, and planned on laying in bed and watching the Sunday Night Football game.  When I walked into the room, I noticed a half-full bottle of wine on the dresser, dirty towels on the floor, and both trash cans full of garbage.  So, I'm thinking they hadn't cleaned the room.  But, dummy me, I saw that the bed was made and thought maybe they had cleaned, but just hadn't done a very good job.  Not being one who is all that comfortable complaining in situations like this (I leave that to my wife, Lisa, who is much better at dealing with things like this), I unpacked my bags, picked up the room a bit, changed into some comfy clothes, sat down and turned on the TV.  I sat there watching the game for about 20 minutes and then I got the urge to lay down.  But, as I pulled back the covers on the bed, the thought occurred to me, "What if they haven't cleaned this room and these sheets are dirty?"  That thought gave me a case of the "willies," so I sat back in the chair and hemmed and hawed for a bit on whether or not I should call down to the front desk. 

Eventually, I made the call and the lady checked on things and, sure enough, they hadn't cleaned the room I was in.  So, she told me that they would give me a new, clean room and that I should head on down to the front desk to get the new room's keys.  Of course, this meant that I had to put my real clothes back on, pack everything up I had just unpacked and lug it over to the next room.  Ugh!  But, it actually turned out to be a blessing, for when I showed up at the front desk, the lady told me that all they had available was a "Business Executive Suite" and that they would upgrade me at no extra charge.  So, I have stayed the last couple of nights in this very nice suite, which includes a kitchenette (fridge and microwave), huge bathroom, walk-in closet, large-screen TV, comfy recliner, huge desk, king size bed, and the hot tub/sauna pictured above.  Pretty cool!

The moral of this story is that when you walk into a room that hasn't been cleaned, don't be an idiot and unpack everything and settle in, but go right back to the front desk and let them know.  Oh, the lessons we have to learn in this life . . . :)  

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sag said...

We will have to compare my room in PA on the way back from NY to yours in IL. Mine was huge and had an outlet mall down the street. But the TV was crummy!