Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 Seconds Away . . .

What's that saying about a picture and a thousand words?
Sparty gave undefeated and 6th-ranked Iowa all they could handle last night.  What a game!  When the Spartans executed that hook-and-ladder play on 3rd-and-a-mile, I thought this might be our night.  But, as excited as I was to see them score the go ahead TD, I was a little nervous that they left too much time on the clock.  As it turns out, they left exactly 2 seconds too much time, as Iowa, faced with a 4th-and-goal, scored the winning TD as time ran out.  But, again, what a game.  There is no shame in this loss.  The boys fought till the end and almost pulled it out.  Plus, that other team from our state got clobbered by Penn State, so that lessens the pain a lot. :) 

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