Monday, November 1, 2010

Sparty Stumbles

So, my Spartans laid a big egg on Saturday, getting spanked by Iowa 37-6.  That's okay.  They're still 8-1 (4-1) and have a lot to play for in their remaining games.  I'm hoping that they'll use this as a positive and get re-focused to finish the season strong.  I'm still very proud of the season they're having.  Heck, if you would have told me before the season started that they'd be 8-1 and tied for first in the Big Ten at this point, I would have been thrilled.  I am thrilled.  No need to hang their heads.  Yeah, it was a poor performance a couple of days ago, but there is no going back.  Good teams put bad losses behind them and move forward.  I know that's what Coach D is preaching and I hope the boys take it to heart.  Go Green!  Go White!

I did receive some relief after the painful loss later in the evening when the other Big Ten team from our state got it handed to them at Happy Valley.  A lot of family and friends who root for that other team were forced to eat a little crow after running their mouths earlier in the day about State losing.  Good.  They deserve it.  Because, you see, that's one of the main differences between State fans and fans of that other team.  We State fans have a lot more class - and we know how to honor our superstitions and avoid jinxing our team.  Had that other team played and lost earlier in the day, there is no way we would have been running our mouths, knowing that our team still had a game to play in the evening.  Duh!  That's just stupid.  We know better than that.  You don't talk smack when your team still has to play - oh, and you probably shouldn't be talking smack about a team that just pummeled you a few weeks back in your own house.  Just sayin'.  But, hey, those fans have always been that way, and I don't expect them to change anytime soon.  Just another of the plethora of reasons I am, and always will be, a State fan! :)  

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TexasGeezer said...

I knew I shouldn't have paid ANY attention to the game last Saturday... But, I pulled up the score on the Spartan network. Sure enough; whether I jinx them, or they do it just to spite me; if I watch or even get curious, they lose. (A Spartan turned Texan).