Monday, November 1, 2010

A Busy Week

Last week was one of those weeks that just screams by and leaves you wondering how in the world things got done.  I spent the first few days of the week down south visiting my new nephew, Maximus Alexander Tierney (gotta love that name!).  He is simply precious; you would be hard pressed to find a cuter baby boy!  I also got to play a round of gold with my dad, who got the best of me again.  It was a windy day, which made it very challenging, and neither of us had played in over a month, but we both played well that day, my dad shooting a 78 and myself shooting an 83.  I won't mention the fact that I had three putts rim out on me and another three or four that stopped one or two revolutions short of falling in the cup and that, with any luck at all, I would have won the match.  Oh, wait, I just mentioned what I said I wouldn't - oops. :)  I returned home on Wednesday, driving straight to Hemlock to watch Sam's volleyball match first, only to find that we were without electricity.  Lisa had told me earlier in the day that the power went out around Noon, but I was certain it would be back on when I got home in the evening.  Nope.  It wasn't restored until Thursday afternoon.  So, my plans to get some much needed work done on Wednesday evening was put on hold.  I spent Thursday evening working on the monthly newsletter and my Reformation sermon, Friday shopping and planning for our Reformation Celebration (more on that later) before getting together for Peace Movie Night in the evening, and Saturday cooking and decorating at the Church.  It was just one of those weeks when there is barely time to catch your breath, but, thanks be to God, everything that needed to get done got done. 

Consumer's Energy replacing a broken switch on our transformer last Thursday afternoon

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