Monday, November 1, 2010

Reformation Celebration - 4

During our celebration, we played lots of fun games and had several contests for prizes.  One of the contests we had was the "Diet of Worms" Eating Contest.  We had 4 1/2 brave kids compete (not that little Benjamin is a 1/2 kid, but you mean what I know).  Their challenge was to be the first one to eat all twelve sour, gummy worms.  They were not allowed to use their hands, which made it all the more fun to watch, as those gummy worms were pretty sticky and the kids would have to separate them using their mouths.  Lots of fun! :)

The brave contestants getting ready

And, they're off . . .

At this point, they're wondering if they should have entered this contest

Gotta love Morgan's expression in this one - those worms is sour! :)

Aaron, consuming his last worm

Aaron was the first to finish his worms and won the contest - I'm wondering if I should be proud of that or not; I'm conflicted a bit :)

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