Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Halloween Pics

We don't get many trick-or-treaters, living out in the country and all.  Actually, were it not for a few children from our parish paying us a visit, we wouldn't get any.  That's not all bad - we do save a bunch not having to buy candy to pass out.  But, it is kind of a bummer, since we miss the days when we would gather with family at my parents' house, all the kids and most of the adults all dressed up, for an evening of fun.  Halloween was always a big deal.  We'd take the kids trick-or-treating and everyone would end up back at the house for mom's chili and the sorting out of all the candy.  We adults would have to taste several pieces of candy - you know, to test and make sure it's safe and all that. ;)  It was always great fun and we miss those times.  But, who says we still can't have fun out here in the boonies? :)  Some pics:

My zany wife - still have no idea who she's supposed to be

Lisa and Sam - no clue who Sam's supposed to be, either

Aaron joins in - now there's a costume!

I'm not wearing a mask - I just painted my face green for the State game :)

Rebekah paid us a visit

So did her big sister, Hannah

Rebekah and Hannah got some candy and some beanie babies from the scary woman with the big blonde hair

Oh, and Rebekah also took home a loaf of bread (we treat our trick-or-treaters right at the Messer house! :)

Benjamin (i.e. Johnny Appleseed) paid us a visit later in the evening

As did his sister, Mabel the "Pea Pod"


Carol said...

Very cute! Looks like you had a good time. We had so many ghosts and goblins that we ran out of goodies after 45 minutes! I thought maybe they would be all Halloweened out by Sunday evening, but no!

radar1214 said...

The girls loved the beanie babies. Rebekah has carried her puppy everywhere, including the grocery store.