Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Travelling Essentials

You should not leave home to go on vacation without a bag packed with appropriate clothing, bathroom supplies, some spending money, directions (or plane tickets), and, of course, a device that will enable you to listen to Issues, Etc.

Below is a pic of one of our members, Sharyn Greening, listening to Issues, Etc. during her flight to California to vacation with her daughter this summer.  This is an awesome visual of the oft-repeated invitation made by Pr. Todd Wilken (host of Issues, Etc.) to Issues Etc.'s on-demand listeners:  "Listen to what you want, when you want." 

Friends, Issues, Etc. is the absolute best Christian talk radio program on the air today.  Always Christ-centered and Cross-focused.  And, always available!  Get thee to the Issues, Etc. website and listen often.  And, please consider supporting this program, that we may be blessed by it for many years to come!

Here's the pic:

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sag said...

Wow, I have shown up everywhere. I got caught up listening to Issues on my trip but am now woefully behind. Maybe I should go away again.