Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Must Read . . .

posted by Pastor Weedon on his most excellent blog - Deepest Reverence and Humility.

Wow!  What a blessing to run across this wonderful reminder of how we who believe that we receive none other than the very Body and Blood of our Lord in the Holy Supper should approach the Table of our Lord, "not thoughtlessly and lightly, but in deepest reverence and humility of heart."  And then, Starck's prayer - absolutely beautiful! 

O Holy Jesus, let Your holy body be my food, Your holy blood my drink, and refresh me unto life everlasting.

Thanks, Pr. Weedon, for sharing this and aiding my preparation to handle, and receive, this Most Holy Sacrament!   

Friends, if Pr. Weedon's blog is not in your favorites, bookmarks, etc., it should be.  Gems like this post are a regular feature there. 

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