Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Children's Christmas Program

Tonight, we had our Children's Christmas Program and all the kids did a fantastic job sharing the account of our Savior's birth with us.  Special thanks to Annie, Sharyn, Carol, and Mary for preparing them so well.  Kinda cool how all the little glitches and hiccups that occurred in the rehearsals disappeared when it came time for the real deal. ;) 

None of the photographers said a word about Myka hiding her face?  And . . . nice hiding job, Carol! :)

I'm thinking about wearing this get-up at Midnight Mass . . . maybe not. :)


Dennis Peskey said...

Try wearing that outfit down to Detroit Metro. After the TSA boys get done radiating you, you'll glow like the Bethelem Star.

sag said...

Maybe you need a different headband.