Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Um, that's not MY fault!

So, Samantha asked me to schedule her driving test a few weeks back.  She is itching to get her license.  So, I called and scheduled it, just as she asked me to do.  It was scheduled for this evening at 6:00.  When I scheduled it, the lady on the phone told me to call back and give her Sam's driver's license number and the eight digits which appear at the top of that license sometime before we show up for the test.  I called this morning to give the lady the numbers and she said, "Oops.  Samantha can't take the road test this evening.  Those eight digits at the top of her learner's permit reveal the date the permit was issued (11202009), and she must have her learner's for six months before she can take the test and get her operator's license.  We'll have to re-schedule, Mr. Messer."  I apologized to the lady and told her that I was unaware of that fact.  We re-scheduled Sam's test for next Monday, which was the next available time.  After school, I called Sam to inform her of this.  She went into what could only be described as a moment of mental insanity, huffing and puffing about not going tonight.  "Samantha," I said, as calmly as I could muster, "Were you aware of the fact that you had to have your learner's permit for six months before you could take the test."  (huff-puff) "Well, yeah, but . . . (silence mixed with huffing and puffing)"  "But, what?" I asked.  "But, but, I've had my permit since November and that's six months ago."  "Not quite," I said.  "It will be six months two days from now, but it ain't six months yet."  (huff-puff) "Whatever!"

So, now she'll have to wait a whole 'nother six days before taking the test.  Of course, that's a lifetime in her mind.  Whatever!  It's not MY fault.  And, methinks a "Thanks dad for rescheduling my test as soon as you could" might just be in order here.  I'm sure I'll get something like that - after all the huffing and puffing subsides, that is. :)  


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