Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peace Bowling Night

A bunch of us gathered at the local bowling alley this past Saturday evening for Peace Bowling Night.  We had lots of kids and several guests among us.  A good time was had by all (until the next day, for some of us, who awoke with some aching bodies and sore fingers - getting old is great, isn't it?).  Here are a few pics from the evening:

 Not THOSE kinds of issues! :)

Terry can't watch as Zane prepares to throw his ball.

Chris, our congregational president, prepares to hurl his ball down the alley at about 600 mph (whenever he hit the head pin, none of the other pins stood a chance; the problem was that he didn't hit the head pin very often :); in the background, Sierra uses some massive body English to try to prevent her ball from finding the gutter.

Charlotte (the beautiful white-haired lady a couple lanes down), who had a knee replacement recently, bowled outstandingly, rolling a 195 one game!  

Don't be fooled!  When you see Preggers Meggers posing like this, something is definitely amiss! :) 

There are two things to notice from this scorecard:  1) PM does NOT stand for Preggers Meggers, but Pastor Messer - yeah, I managed a 197, which ain't bad, considering I hadn't picked up a bowling ball for five years (that game should have been a deuce; got robbed in the 9th!); 2) Chris hit the head pin three times in this game. :) 

Preggers Meggers rolled a gutter-gutter in the 8th frame of her final game - just thought I'd share (actually, other than this frame, she bowled very well - for a pregnant gal, that is! :)  

The rest of the pics I have turned out too blurry to share (the one drawback of the iphone).  If any of you who were there have pictures, please send them to me, so that I can add them to my files. 

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sag said...

If I had a picture of me bowling I certainly wouldn't produce it for public viewing!