Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prom Pics

Pics from last night, before Sarah (our 18-year-old daughter - man, that makes me feel so old!) headed off for her Senior Prom:

Sarah and Jordan (I hate to admit it, but they do make a cute couple. :)  

You better not drop her, dude!

Come on, Sarah!  Samantha's not THAT heavy! :)

Goofy girls!

"Where's my prom dress, yo!"

Our 3 girls:  Samantha (16), Sarah (18), Kelsey (20) - it's not possible that they're so grown up, is it? (And people wonder why most of my hair is gone, and why what little of it remains is turning grey! :) 

Sarah and Haley (a.k.a. "Dimples")

Sarah and Chelsea

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Scott Diekmann said...

Great pics. Grey hair is all part of the gig.