Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Busy Couple Days

Yesterday started early, out and about for some visits; home for a bit to prepare for evening meetings and upcoming Bible Studies, then out again for another visit and two consecutive meetings (Bd. of Evangelism and Church Council).  Great meetings!  It's so nice to actually look forward to attending meetings, and I'm extremely thankful to be serving in the midst of so many faithful servants of our Lord. 

Today began even earlier:  7am-9am Adult Confirmation Class with Kyle and Jilian, a wonderful young couple I'm looking forward to welcoming into our fellowship soon; quick stop at home to make a few phone calls (one was to Pr. Heath Curtis' mom, Donita, from DK Brunner & Son, to thank her for the beautiful new violet chasuble she made for me, which arrived on Friday, and to make arrangements for the three remaining chasubles I need to complete a full set - very excited!); a trip to Saginaw with Carol to order new paraments (can't wait for these to arrive!) and to purchase a new video projector and dvd player for the church, thanks to a generous donation; lunch at Olive Garden (love that place); back home around 5pm.  Back out for "Christian History 101" Class at 6pm, Vespers at 7pm, and Bd. of Christian Ed. meeting following Vespers.

Thankful for answered prayers on behalf of Ken Hill and Virginia Gorsline, both of whom came through surgery well and are on the mend.  I pray for the continued restoration of health and strength for them, and for Marlene Miller, who had surgery over a week ago.

On tap for tomorrow:  Romans Bible Study in the morning; then off to Lansing to visit Virginia; back in town to finish visits of shut-ins; pack for hunting trip, if time permits; Table Talk at 7pm; to the cottage (hunting camp) after that (or, if I'm not able to finish visits tomorrow, will stay home, finish them on Friday, and head for the cottage then).

Looking forward to spending time with my son, dad, and uncle (if he makes it) in the woods next week! 

For now, off to bed - will sleep soundly tonight, for sure! :) 

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meggers said...

I'm tired just reading that. Thanks for all you do. Hugs and kisses. :)