Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Vigil Joys

New fire.  New Paschal Candle.  Processing into the darkened nave by candlelight.  Roger singing the Exsultet as beautifully as it can be sung (worth the price of admission right there - oh, wait, this Feast is FREE!).  The Creation.  Thy Strong Word.  The Flood.  Israel's Deliverance through the Red Sea.  The Song of Moses and Israel.  The Fiery Furnace.  All You Works of God, Bless the Lord.  The Remembrance of Holy Baptism and Renewal of Vows AND the Holy Baptism of Savannah and Farrah.  The Resurrection Litany.  The Easter Proclamation in concert with all the lights being turned on.  This is the Feast.  Mark 16:1-8 - "HE IS NOT HERE!  HE IS RISEN!"  The Homily.  Holy, Holy, Holy.  The Verba.  Our Lord's Body and Blood.  Our Paschal Lamb, That Sets Us Free.  And after, an absolutely WONDERFUL Champagne Reception with the most delicious stuffed mushrooms and meatballs and sandwiches and veggies and desserts and a chocolate tower with fruit.   

Yep, overflowing joys - gotta LOVE the Vigil!  The only bummer is that I didn't take a single picture of the the awesome spread at the Reception. :(  I told myself all day not to forget to do that and, lo and behold, I did.  I guess I was just too excited to get out there and enjoy the festivities with my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  I did, however, remember to have some pics taken of our newly Baptized members, Savannah and Farrah, and their family:

 The Homily:

Looking forward to Matins, Breakfast, and the Feast of Our Lord's Glorious Resurrection in the morning.  Better get to bed . . .

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