Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like a Papal Visit?

In the category of, "Oops, I probably shouldn't have said that," a pastor from my neck of the woods, referring to LCMS President Gerald Kieschnick's visit and participation in the Community Good Friday Worship Service to be held in a couple of days, is quoted in The Saginaw News as follows:
“It’s a great honor and privilege for him to be here, and he takes his role very seriously to preach and pray the true word of God,” said the Rev. Edward A. Meyer, pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church, 2565 N. Miller in Thomas Township. “It would be likened to having the pope come to Saginaw in the same manner.”
Since it is Holy Week, I'll refrain from offering commentary on this . . . although, I have to say, it is very tempting.  I mean, when even his avid supporters liken Pres. Kieschnick to a pope, well . . .

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