Saturday, March 6, 2010

"God of Wonders" - Yeah, but Which God?

Pr. Rossow posted today about a "theological disclaimer" included on the "performers" page of the LCMS National Youth Gathering website (wouldn't it be better to just steer clear of employing non-Lutheran "performers" and, thus, avoid having to include a disclaimer - just sayin').  In the midst of the comments within that thread, someone posted a link to this song which is on the list of songs to be sung during the Gathering. It is "God of Wonders," a popular CCM song performed by Chris Tomlin, a popular CCM artist. It's a perfect example of the sort of generic, Christ-less songs being sung by Lutherans during "worship" these days.   It's a nice, "goose-bumpy" song, I suppose.  Kinda makes you want to flick your bic and hold it high in the air, much as you would do during a ballad at a rock concert.  It has that emotional appeal so many love in their "worship songs."  But, is this what we should be subjecting our youth to in the LCMS?  What about this song makes it Christian?  Couldn't a Mormon, Jew, Muslim, etc. sing this song?  Where's Jesus?  It's yet another example of what life is like in today's "not your grandfather's" Missouri Synod (you can check out the other songs on the list to be sung at the Gathering here).  I think I'll stick with Higher Things (although we won't be able to attend this year).  The last LCMS NYG I attended in 2001 is the last one I will attend until they stop filling them with heterodox performers, songs, activities, and resources.  I simply wouldn't dream of having our youth attend as things stand today (which have only gotten worse since 2001).  Kinda sad, really.  Anyway, here's the song (see if you can find anything distinctively Christian in it):   

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