Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sparty Stays Unbeaten!

For the first time since 1966, MSU is 7-0.  They won convincingly today against a feisty Fighting Illini team, 26-6.  It wasn't the prettiest of victories, but I love the way the boys came out in the second half and took over the game.  They played lousy in the first half and went into the locker room trailing 6-3, but came out ready to play in the second, scoring 23 unanswered points and holding Illinois off the scoreboard.  This was an important game for the Green and White.  After that emotional victory against the other Big Ten team from our state last week, whose name we never mention 'round these parts, this could have been one of those letdown games.  And, indeed, watching the first half, that's exactly what it looked like.  But, they rose to the occasion and got 'er done!  It will be interesting to see where Sparty ranks when the BCS comes out tomorrow.  I'm thinking they should move up to #7 or so.  We'll see.  Great job, Sparty!  Keep plowing forward; no letting down!   

Oh, and speaking of that other Big Ten team from our state, their game just went final.  They lost 38-28 to Iowa.  Gotta love it! :)


Rev. David M. Juhl said...

In your neck of the woods, it's "that school down south", a la Woody Hayes calling them "that school up north".

Illinois wasn't much of an opponent. I follow U of I, since they are 1hr 40min. south of me. I thought Ron Zook was a good recruiter but it seems as if he neither can coach nor recruit at Illinois. I don't know how much patience Illinois has for Zook.

Pastor David Reed said...

State didn't play that badly in the first half. The Illini don't have too bad a defense. I was at that game. My guy, Kevin Pickelman, I think, had nine tackles before going out with the injury in the 3rd. I got a chance to visit with him after the game. They are lookin' good.