Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The only bummer . . .

about our vacation last week was that I left my autographed copy of Matt Harrison's, "Christ Have Mercy" book on the plane while traveling back from Ft. Lauderdale to Detroit.  I had read through this excellent book when I first received it over a year ago, but was enjoying re-reading it and highlighting some important points Pastor Harrison makes.  I put it in the pocket of the seat in front of me when they came around for beverage services, then decided to take a little snooze, and forgot all about it when we exited the plane.  It didn't hit me that I had forgotten it until Lisa and I were driving home from Lansing later that night.  Ugh!

I hope that whoever finds it will read it and be as blessed by its contents as I have been.  But, I also hope that I'll be able to somehow secure another autographed copy to replace it, since I'm more than a little bummed to have lost it. 

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