Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best start ever for Sparty!

My Spartans pulled one out against that other team from our state tonight.  I don't know why they allowed that other team to stay with them.  Usually, they just run 'em off the court (they've won the last 17 out of 20 games against that team, after all), but tonight they had to go down to the wire.  Kalin Lucas hit a jumper with 3.5 seconds left to secure the 57-56 victory.  In doing so, he also secured Sparty's best start ever in conference play, lifting their record to 8-0 in the Big Ten (18-3 overall).  Go, Sparty, Go! :)  All you fans of that other team, let me see if I can work up a tear for you . . . nope, sorry! :)  

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