Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Evidence Strikes Back

Great video by Pr. Fisk. I've been reminded lately, in various ways, how hypocritical are many who simply dismiss the Bible and the Christian faith without examining the evidence. They are quick to point out how ignorant Christians must be to believe what the Bible says and confess the tenets of the Christian faith. They see this as akin to believing in myths and fairy tales, deriding Christians for being superstitious fools. But, in so doing, they put their own ignorance on full display, for they have not even given the evidence a passing glance and have no clue what they're saying. In reality, then, they are guilty of their own accusations against Christians, for they have blindly put their faith in the myths and fairy tales of men, who foolishly approach the Bible and the Christian faith with a whole boat-load of self-designated presuppositions and draw conclusions upon those presuppositions, which are in no way, shape, or form rooted in reality. Oh well. Such is life in this dead and dying world.

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