Thursday, July 21, 2011

Issues, Etc. Pastors' Roundtable on Luke 5:1-11

I had the privilege of joining Pr. Timothy Landskroener and host, Pr. Todd Wilken, on Issues, Etc. this afternoon for a Pastors' Roundtable on Luke 5:1-11 (the Holy Gospel appointed for this Sunday in the Historic Lectionary). 

I love this text.  Here, our Lord Jesus Christ shows us how He will establish, and bring people into, His eternal kingdom, namely by the Holy Gospel as it is preached in its purity and administered according to His institution via the Holy Sacraments.  No gimmicks or fads.  No need for creativity or imagination.  No enticing bait or fancy lures.  Just the "net" of His Holy Gospel cast out into the "sea" of the world to catch "fish" (sinners) and bring them into His "boat" (Church).  And He will do the casting of this "net" through the men He calls and ordains into the Office of the Holy Ministry, like Peter and the sons of Zebedee, who will serve in His stead and by His command, preaching repentance and the forgiveness of sins in His Name, baptizing, catechizing, and feeding His lambs.  It's a pretty straight-forward evangelism program, really.  I say we go with it! :)

You can listen to the Pastor's Roundtable below or click here.  

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