Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sparty Gets It Done!

It's never easy playing on the road in the Big Ten.  I knew the boys would have their hands full playing at Northwestern today, but I wasn't expecting them to go down 17-0 to the Wildcats to begin the game.  But, they rallied back in the second half and pulled out another victory, 35-27, improving their record to 8-0 (4-0 in the Big Ten).  Cousins played lights out today, going 29-43 for 331 yards and 3 TDs and no picks.  And, how 'bout the special teams, running another fake at a crucial time to perfection?  Simply awesome.  It was a great comeback and another solid win for the Green and White.  This is a special team having a special season, and I hope it continues.  They have a huge test ahead of them next week, as they travel to Iowa City to take on a tough Iowa team.  If they can pull that one out, they have a real shot at turning this special season into a magical season which could land them playing for a National Championship.  It's within their reach and they control their own destiny.  But, that's a long way off.  First things first.  Let's concentrate on Iowa, and let's emphasize this week during practice how important it is to come out of the gate playing well.  You don't want to go to the "we'll come back in the second half" well too often, as eventually that well will dry up.  But, whatever happens from this point on, I'm so proud of my Spartans!  Oh, and I'm gonna go ahead and take a little credit for their comeback win today.  I missed the first half, as I was attending Samantha's volleyball tournament.  But, when I got home and watched the second half, they turned it on and came back for the win.  I'm not saying it was all me, but I'm confident that I played a role. :)

As for Sam's volleyball tournament, they lost a barn-burner to Garber (I've never even heard of Garber), which knocked them out of the winner's pool, but they still had a shot to win the consolation bracket.  Sam played extremely well.  She had at least 10 solid blocks and 4 or 5 nice kills that I saw, and she got every one of her serves in, with a couple of aces to boot.  That's my girl!  Here's a few pics:

Sam is the tall girl holding her arms up by the net

The iphone and sports action don't mix very well, but this one didn't come out too bad

Sam getting ready to serve

Sam serving

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Dennis Peskey said...

If you'll forgive the analogy, this was saying you missed Good Friday and the Vigil - but you made Easter Services. No credit given when no meritorious work preformed. Some of us prayed our way through the first half which involved more suffering than an old man should bear. And mousetrap! Dantonio has a strange streak running through his cranium. But they did establish legitimacy in coming back after being 17 points down - next week lets just roll from the openning kickoff.

And congradulations to Sam. I could never manage to get all my serves in much less ace someone.