Friday, January 15, 2010

Pat Robertson is . . .

an IDIOT!  He does NOT represent Christianity.  I wish people understood that.  But, unfortunately, they don't.  Robertson continues to attract millions of followers and his 700 Club continues to be watched all over the world.  People actually think the guy knows what he's talking about, but nearly every time he opens his mouth, nonsense comes forth.  He doesn't have a clue what true Christianity is.  He is a clear-cut FALSE PROPHET - you know, the ones our Lord warned us about (cf. Matt. 7).  The Bible remains a closed book to Robertson.  He's an entertainer, not a preacher.  He's a newspaper-prophet, not a theologian.  And it is a crying shame that he, and others like him, are not recognized by all as the charlatans they are. 

Robertson's latest comments regarding the tragic earthquake in Haiti may be the worst in a long line of hideous comments the idiot has made in the wake of disasters.  He is always quick to cite these events as God's specific judgment on evil people.  What the puke doesn't understand is that if God was to bring tragedies like these upon evil people, there would not be a safe place to dwell in this sin-drenched world.  But, how could he understand such a thing, since he has no clue who God really is or what He has revealed to us in His Word.  Robertson's mind is warped and he lives in his own world of delusion, along with all the other charlatans that masquerade as Christians on TV, but who are really the wolves in sheep's clothing our Lord tells us about.

First, Robertson said that this tragedy in Haiti could be "a blessing in disguise."  Why?  Because now that everything has been destroyed, rebuilding can take place.  Yeah, Pat, what a blessing.  So what if 100,000 are dead.  So what if everything is destroyed.  So what if children are dying in the streets.  It's a blessing.  Only a hideous, hideous man would be able to utter such absurdity at a time like this.  But, that's Pat for you.  He's always uttered these kinds of absurdities at times like these.  That's what he does.  And, people listen.  Would that they would stop listening to this idiot.  Maybe then he would be removed from the public realm and suffering people would not have to hear his evil voice.

Worse than the "blessing in disguise" comments, though, was his take on Haitian history, from which he draws his perverted conclusion regarding why this earthquake hit them.  "They made a pact with the devil," he says.  They did so in order to be able to rise up in revolt to win their freedom from their French rulers.  Evidently, Satan himself led the charge on behalf of the Haitians.  And, evidently, Pat has first-hand knowledge of such.  He says that this fantastic tale he presents as history is "a true story."  I wonder how Pat knows this?  Has he been talking with Satan?  That wouldn't surprise me, actually, since the teachings Pat spews forth on his little television show do come straight from the pit of Hell.  But, Pat claims to be working for God.  What gives?  What gives is that the man is a charlatan, plain and simple.  If he was the Christian he claims he is, he would never dream of responding to something as devastating as this by telling the Haitians that it's their fault and God hates them.  But, that's essentially what Pat has said.  They made a pact with the devil and have been cursed ever since.  That's why God sent this earthquake to destroy them.  What an absolute idiot!  The guy should be locked up!

But, Pat won't be locked up.  He'll continue to spew forth his evil week in and week out.  And, sadly, people will continue to listen to the man, as if he speaks for God.  And unbelievers will continue to point to Pat and say, "If that's what Christianity is all about, I want nothing to do with it."  Yea, me either.  If Pat Robertson represented Christianity, I'd find another religion as quickly as I could.  He is a sick, twisted man.  Do not listen to him.  And, for God's sake, please do not send a penny to this idiot.  Yeah, even though the Haitians made a pact with the devil, are cursed, and God hates them, Pat is still raising funds for the relief effort.  He's done this many times in the past, too.  But, the money sent in has about as much chance of getting to the people who need it as Pat does of representing orthodox Christianity (i.e. a snowball's chance in Hell).  He's proven that in the past.  People send him money and he spends it on himself.  That's what charlatans do.

Why did this tragic earthquake strike Haiti?  Because bad things happen in this sinful world.  Is it God's judgment upon the Haitian people?  No, but it is a reminder of God's judgment to come on this dead and dying world, as are all natural catastrophes.  Creation groans as in birth pangs longing to be freed from the effects sin has had.  That's the world we live in.  These kinds of tragedies will continue until the Last Day, when our Lord and Savior returns in great glory.  But, make no mistake, if they are examples of God's specific judgment upon a specific group of people in a specific location, as Pat claims, we all better watch out, 'cause surely our areas will be next on God's list.  But, I dare say that if that was God's way of doing things, the studio where they air The 700 Club would have been hit a long time ago.

With all that said, if you want to send money in to help with the relief efforts in Haiti, you can do so through Lutheran World Relief and Human Care here.  This link will also provide you with an update from the Church in Haiti.  Yeah, there are plenty of Christians in Haiti, and these brothers and sisters need our help.  

Here's a clip of Robertson's latest example of what an idiot he is (Warning:  Have a trash can or some other container available, as you may want to puke while watching it):


Master of None said...

Thank you. Every pastor with a blog or access to the media needs to repeat this same thing over and over. Pat Robertson does NOT represent the Church.

Dr. Jack Kilcrease said...

Right on!