Friday, September 10, 2010

Relaxing in St. Louis

Lisa and I made it safely to the Holy City (St. Louis) yesterday afternoon around 4:30.  We left a little later than we had planned on Wednesday evening (somebody couldn't find her keys and had the whole household in a frantic search; two hours later, my dad was in the kitchen and lifted up a dish towel on the counter, under which her keys had been hiding the whole time - moral of the story:  make sure you look in the obvious places before ripping the rest of the house apart! :).  Anyway, due to our later start, we didn't drive as long Wednesday evening and had a longer distance to travel yesterday.  So, we didn't get to visit the "Bunker" from which Issues, Etc. is broadcast yesterday.  But, we did get to listen to a half hour of the show on the radio while finishing up our trip.  And, maybe we'll be able to visit on Monday.  We'll see.

Our hotel is simply awesome!  While checking in yesterday, the lady at the front desk informed me that each evening from 5:30-7:00 there is a free buffet offered in the reception room, and she also gave me two drink cards which entitle us to three free drinks of our choice from the full bar each evening (plus, they have free soda and popcorn from 3-10 pm each day).  Pretty cool!  The food and drinks were delicious last night, and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer this evening.  The room we're in is luxurious and comfortable; we couldn't be more pleased.  Plus, it has a huge wide screen TV with high definition, which means I was able to watch the Saints-Vikings game last night in beautiful high-def.  Awesome!  We are thinking about getting jobs near here and never coming home. :) 

Our plan for today is to do a little shopping, swimming, and vegging out.  We may also pay a visit to the Missouri History Museum, which is currently featuring "Vatican Splendors:  A Journey Through Faith and Art." 

We took a couple of pics on my iphone while driving yesterday.  Amazingly, they actually turned out.  This first pic is of St. Paul's Lutheran in Hamel where Pr. Weedon serves, taken as we whizzed by on I-55:

And here's a pic of the Arch while we drove by:


LambertsOnline said...

Have a great time! Put in a good word for the faithful Lutherans from Michigan while you're in town.

sam said...

Hopefully we can meet tomorrow in all the craziness. Look for a young guy (I've only been ordained for about a month and a half). I'm hopefully going to be close to Weedon. I haven't see him since I completed my field ed with him.

sag said...

Amazing how quickly after leaving MI you're referring to soda instead of pop!