Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olbermann "Savagely" Butchers the Bible

Here is a video which captures the remarkably ignorant and blatantly biased way in which the homosexual agenda is being advanced by the leftist media today. If Keith Olbermann was really serious about understanding the Biblical prohibitions against homosexuality, he certainly would not turn to the sick, twisted, and downright perverted mind of Dan Savage. A while back, I made the mistake of visiting his blog, "Savage Love," after hearing him speak on some talk show on TV. I should have known better, but I was intrigued to learn how he, a proud homosexual, would argue his case, since he came off as a sober, rational individual during that interview. Within seconds of glancing through his blog, it became vividly obvious that he was not the sober, rational individual he was playing on TV, but a sick, twisted individual who revels in trying to shock unsuspecting visitors with his filth and perversion (which is why I haven't included a link to his blog - you should just steer clear of it - it's THAT bad). And, this is the dude Olbermann turns to when he wants to get the skinny on the Bible's views regarding homosexuality? Yeah, that's journalism!

But, it's not just goofballs like Olbermann. You see the same approach taken on Oprah, The View, and many other popular media outlets. The Bible is butchered by people who have no clue what it means or how to interpret it. The Bible is a closed book to these people. Savage calls those of us who argue on the basis of the Bible that homosexuality is wrong "Cafeteria Biblical Literalists." Oh, the irony! He, and all those like him, are the real "Cafeteria Biblical Literalists," for they pluck this or that passage from the Bible and argue that since we don't kill women who aren't virgins when they get married, or stone adulterers to death, we should just "drop the anti-gay, murderous crap from the Bible, too." This is what you get when you listen to people who have absolutely no understanding of the Bible.

But, don't underestimate the powerful influence these moronic media types are having on our society, my friends. They are winning the day, to be sure. Even those who claim to be Christians are seduced into their sick way of thinking, not knowing the Bible themselves. The day has already arrived when it is considered the height of ignorance in our society to adhere to the exclusive claims of Christianity, or to view homosexuality as being an abomination in God's sight, or to argue that Evolution is a myth and incompatible with Christianity, etc. The day when Christians will be persecuted beyond having to be put up with simply being written off as superstitious and ignorant cannot be that far off.

I should add that it doesn't help the cause of Christianity when someone like "Miss Beverly Hills - USA" is not able to articulate her position against homosexuality beyond saying, "It's in the Bible," while at the same time partying with Paris Hilton and visiting the plastic surgeon for "bodily improvements." Nor does it help the cause to have all those maniacs out there posing as Christian leaders (the false teachers of the so-called "Religious Right"), when, in reality, they have not the first clue what true Christianity is all about. The problem with the leftist media is that it views Christianity through the lenses of the radicals who claim to represent Christianity, but do not even come close to doing so. As Mollie Hemingway noted at the recent BJS Conference, the media really has no clue what true Christianity is. But, that's no excuse. If they were truly interested in learning about true Christianity, they'd find themselves some true Christians to interview. Instead, we'll have to continue putting up with imbeciles like Keith Olbermann, who turns to the likes of Dan Savage for commentary; or with the "spiritual goddess of America," Oprah Winfrey, who has proven time and time again that she has absolutely no clue.

Kyrie, eleison!

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IggyAntiochus said...

Everyone from the so-called Religious Right to mainstream mega-churches that follow in the Willow Creek way have the wrong approach to the whole issue.

The central teaching of the Bible is the Christ-Crucified Gospel and not all the nitty-gritty dos and don'ts of the Law that none of us can keep perfectly.

The Religious Right approaches the Law as a means to correct societal wrongs. Only the Gospel can do that!

The mainstream mega-churches hide the law as if it doesn't exist and offer up some vague idea of Christian living that is palpable to the masses. It is something similar to "cheap grace." You don't hear much about sin at all from these folks. You don't hear much Gospel, either. You get tips on everyday living, as though you are watching the Today Show in church. Everything but the cooking segment! Wait, you can get that demo at the coffee bar in the lobby.

Given that these two groups are always in the spotlight, it's no wonder the media doesn't know a thing about Christianity.

Christian media outlets such as SRN News can be pretty clueless, too. Their focus leans to Religious Right issues and STILL leaves out any mention of the Gospel.