Saturday, November 28, 2009

Higher Things Radio Interview

Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pastor George Borghardt, host of Higher Things Radio.  Pr. Borghardt is such a hoot!  It was great fun to chat with him before, and during, the interview.  He has done a phenomenal job helping to make Higher Things the absolute best Christian Youth organization around.  Pr. Borghardt is simply superb with the youth, and they love him.  When I told my two teenage daughters, both of whom have been to HT conferences, that I was going to be interviewed by Pr. Borghardt, their eyes lit up, and they said, almost in unison, "I just love him."  Yeah, he is well loved by the youth! :)     

I've been to three HT Conferences now and they have all been nothing short of fantastic.  The past two conferences, I have had the honor of teaching an In-Depth Sectional (three sessions on a specific topic), and have had a blast doing it.  Two years ago, at the "For You" conference in Scranton, PA, I taught an In-Depth Sectional titled, "Amen, Come Lord Jesus," in which I presented the truth about the End Times, as revealed in Holy Scripture and exposited in our Lutheran Confessions, in comparison and contrast with the false, but ever so popular, teachings of Dispensationalism (or, Left Behind-ism).  That was one of the most enjoyable teaching experiences I have ever had.  Very well attended and lots of enthusiastic discussion, which continued with a number of people for several months after the conference via email.  It was on the basis of my teaching that class that I was asked to do the interview last week, since the topic was the End Times.

Anyway, if you'd like to give the interview a listen, you can go do so below:

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