Monday, May 7, 2012

Installation of Pr. William Weedon

Pr. William Weedon was installed today as the LCMS Director of Worship and Chaplain of the International Center. I look forward to his service to our synod as he fulfills these new offices and I am confident that both the folks at the IC and our synod as a whole will be richly blessed as he does so. Pr. Weedon has been a true gift to many in our synod for many years through his blogging (who doesn't visit his blog daily?), his unique ability to converse with others in various forums in a way that is polite, but steadfast (we could all learn from him in this area), his writing and editing of various publications, his service as a catechist and speaker at various conferences/venues (e.g. Higher Things, International Center, Concordia Deaconess Conference, etc.), his many appearances as a regular guest on Issues, Etc., his supervision of vicars and field workers, his service as a PALS coordinator, his service as pastor to the saints he's been called to serve, and his counsel to brothers in the Office, of which I have been blessed to receive on several occasions, and in many other ways, I'm sure. I can think of no one more suitable to fulfill these offices and pray that our Lord will use Pr. Weedon's many talents to bless our synod in the area of worship for years to come, even as He has been using him to bless us in the many ways mentioned above.

Here are some thoughts he shared about his new areas of service with Rev. Jason Braaten of Gottesdienst, some photos of the occasion of his installation, and some videos posted below.

Congrats on your new post, Pr. Weedon! The Lord be with you, dear brother.

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Paul said...

Fr. William is clearly malnourished:)