Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Holy Communion

In addition to the many joys associated with our Palm/Passion Sunday Divine Service this morning, from the Palm Sunday Procession, singing "All Glory, Laud, and Honor" with palms in hand, to the responsive reading of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew, to the reception of our Lord's Divine Gifts in Holy Word and Sacrament, we were also blessed to witness four of our children receive the Holy Sacrament of our Lord's very Body and Blood for the first time. This was our third group of children to receive First Communion prior to Confirmation since we adopted our policy in July of 2010, and included our youngest member thus far, Benjamin, who will turn five in May, as well as Craig (8), Paige (11), and Georgie (13). After several hours of classroom instruction and at-home study with parents, they showed themselves well prepared, reciting for our elders this morning before Service the Ten Commandments, Creed, and Lord's Prayer, and answering several questions about basic Christian doctrine (Law and Gospel, sin and grace, etc.) and the Holy Sacraments. They even fielded a few unknown questions from the elders and nailed them, which impressed the elders (and me!) greatly. They were examined and absolved of their sins, confessed their faith in the Holy Sacrament and their desire to receive it, and it was a pure joy to Commune them for the first time today. The Lord is good!

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Rev. Anthony R. Voltattorni said...

Wonderful brother! I can't think of a better way to celebrate the start Holy Week!