Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Real Treat

I got to attend my first ever MSU men's basketball game at the Breslin Center this evening, which was a Christmas present from my daughter, Sarah.  Her boyfriend, Jordan, and his dad, joined us as well.  Lots of fun!  Wasn't much of a game, but it was great to finally get to watch a game live.  Sparty was playing Prairie View A&M, which is nothing more than a little extra practice time for them.  Sarah and I made predictions about the final score before the game started.  Sarah's was way off, but mine was MSU 96, PV A&M 49.  The final score?  MSU 90, PV A&M 51.  Not too shabby, eh? :)

Thanks, Sarah!  Love ya bunches and bunches, kiddo!


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Logan said...

Too bad Izzo wasn't coaching last night-not that it mattered anyway. Go Green!